Slot machines are incredibly popular in traditional casinos and there are usually large rooms filled with them in order to make up for the demand. The average brick and mortar casino gets more than half of its income from slots, which shows how important these games are for gamblers.

When talking about online casinos, we can see the same story, the only difference here being that you never have to wait in order to play your favorite game. Swiss Casino slot games are some of the best in the industry with special themes such as Iron Man 2 and The Mummy.

How to start playing slots on the internet

Playing slot games online is a lot more convenient than going to a brick and mortar venue because you can simply access them from home. After choosing a reliable online casino, the next step is to create an account and make a deposit. There is also the option to first check out the games by using virtual money and make sure that they meet your standards. Once satisfied with the software, you can start playing for real money and cash in the big prizes offered by the casino.

Online slot games can vary depending on the number of reels and the number of symbols which determine the odds of winning the jackpot; of course, if the odds are smaller, than the jackpot is more attractive. The number of paylines can also differ; this represents the lines in which the symbols can appear in order to generate a prize. Betting on more lines may be more expensive but the odds increase with every extra line. For those that enjoy playing for hours on a slot machine, there is the option to spin automatically and just stop when the big prize is won.

Slots bonuses

Joining a trustworthy online casino will also mean a special welcome bonus and promotions. Getting free money on your first deposit will help you increase your bankroll and make it a lot easier to play your favorite games and make a profit while having fun. With such a wide variety of games available, it takes a lot of money to try them all out.
One of the most important pieces of knowledge anyone can have about playing casino progressive slot machines is the fact that it really requires no knowledge, just a whole lot of luck.

Progressive slots with jackpots

Well, that’s true to a certain extent. Knowledge is needed in knowing how to read the machine that a bettor is playing on. Understanding which symbols pay more than others, whether or not a bonus will be paid on the machine if you’re not playing the maximum number of coins, and how many different line combinations that can be played. Those are all important bits of information that should be gathered before dumping in your lot of coins.

With progressive slots, knowledge can be helpful in understanding what type of progressive machine you’re playing, and which other machines the progressive jackpot is tied to.

Progressive slots are unique in that they take a set percentage of money played at different slot machines to form one big jackpot. The one drawback to playing a progressive slot machine is that the lesser wins on that slot machine are lower than normal slot machines, to allow for the jackpot prize.

Again, it’s important to read the machine and its rules before sitting down in front of it. In some cases, a progressive jackpot might not be fully paid if the gambler didn’t play maximum coins, it may just pay a small percentage of the overall jackpot. The key is reading before sitting.

Odds and stats

While the odds of hitting the jackpot at a progressive slot machine are akin to winning a multi-state lottery game, there are different types of progressive slot machines where the odds aren’t quite that astronomical.

The progressive slot machine with the lowest odds of hitting the jackpot is the standalone progressive slot machine. Just about every casino will have at least one or two of these. Basically, they take a percentage of the total money played on that one machine only. The jackpot builds up until the winning combination of lines and symbols has been hit. Machines like this will display the running jackpot amount somewhere on the machine itself. The odds are much better to hit a progressive jackpot on this type of slot machine.

An in-house progressive jackpot involves connecting several different machines together within the same online casino to form a large progressive jackpot. Again, it involves hitting the exact combination of lines and symbols in order to hit. These types of progressive slot machines can definitely pay off some funny money.

Finally, there are the wide area progressive slot machines. When you think of this type of slot machine, think of the same weekly lottery game that is played in multiple states, where you could have one winning number from New York in a lottery played in 16 states. Pretty much the same concept with wide area progressive slot machines. It involves connecting a bunch of different slot machines from different casinos owned by the same gaming company. In many cases, this type of jackpot can be retirement money.

Progressive slot machines aren’t for everybody. If you’re looking to dump single coins into a three-reel machine, then progressives are not the type of game you’re looking for.

Get The Most Out Of Online Slots

Online casinos nowadays include a wide range of options and while some users might prefer the table games, it is hard to ignore the popularity that slots games are having on the internet. The demand for these gambling games is incredible and is only continuing to increase as newer and better titles are released by large software providers.How to improve your gaming sessions

With all the options available and with the list constantly growing, it is important for players to know what they want and where to find it. There is no lack of options when it comes to online casinos but just a handful of them can be considered perfect. This doesn’t just refer to the quality of the games (although this plays a big role) but also to the promotions that allow players to get bonuses just for playing, the deposit options that make it easier to fund an account and cash out the winnings and also the community of players that frequent the site in question.

In order to make the most out of online slots, players must find the ideal version that keeps them entertained and also makes sure that they get the winnings they desire.

Choose the style

If there is one thing that can be said about online slots is that they can be incredibly diverse. The styles range from something simple like poker or fruit to the latest trends, including movies, books and pretty much everything else you can think of. This is why most players tend to play slots titles which they are familiar with and find more entertaining given the symbols, sounds and bonus rounds.

For example, something simple but very common is Wolf Run; a slots game with wolf symbols and some exciting sounds. The great number of users that have played this slot shows just how easy it can be to find something perfect and fun when it comes to online slots. The game also has some interesting features which includes 40 paylines and a Free Spins bonus. Most slot games only have 20 paylines but every one of them has the same chance at hitting a winning combo so while playing 40 at the same time can be more expensive, it also increases the odds of getting a payout.


Slots don’t require a strategy and it is all based on repetition. Having a set bankroll right from the start can help players get the most out of online slots. Most sites nowadays offer nice welcome bonuses in the form of free money in order to help users increase their bankroll, play more and have a better shot at winning the big prizes. Although these normally come with some restrictions, it is always good to have more money for playing slots.

Be consistenT

It is important not to let bad days discourage you. These are common with every casino game and losing is just a part of the game. Players that manage to come back from a bad loss and claim a large jackpot are the ones that show consistency and win more in the long run.

Changing games is also recommended sometimes. As we mentioned earlier, there are plenty of options available at online casinos so a nice change in style can be the perfect solution.


Online slots are very entertaining and at the end of the day, they are still games that should be enjoyed and played for fun despite the large amounts of money in play. To get the most out of slot games, you must certainly be able to enjoy playing them and this can be considered as the most important part of every casino game.